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        In a first for bed designs, with their backrests rotatable 360°, both sculptures can be moved into the right position for every occasion. The flattering hybrids bear witness to how cheeky design permits charming experimentation with sensuality – creating unlimited space for day- and night dreams alike.
        Playful design for sensual moments:
        Backrests can be easily and quickly moved into the right position for every use and occasion. Standardized elements can (as a rule) be used for slatted frames and mattresses. This affords individual design of the beds’ interiors.
        We recommend use of our DS-1103 mattress and DS-1113 topper.

        Price refers to the DS-1164 / 160A Leather Living


        DS-1164 Collection

        Contact us for delivery times and quotations

        Standard configuration: Legs (A) aluminium-look coated metal. Footcaps in aluminium colour. For further versions, see options. If not specified otherwise, the standard configuration will be confirmed.

        Upholstery and assembly: Metal construction black coated with board material. Glides for soft and hard floor coverings. Bed edge: moulded foam element. Back: Comfort foam core and SEDE-Lux covering.

        Legs version A: Metal aluminium-coloured or black coating.
        Legs version B: Leg B in high-gloss chrome-plated metal or other coatings available on request, subject to surcharge.

        Function: Two-piece back, can independently slide all the way round.
        Mattress and slat base: Bed content not included in delivery. We recommend the use of SwissFlex sleep systems. Other products possible. Mattresses DS-1103 and toppers DS-1113 can be selected and ordered separately. The mattress should not be higher than the bed frame.
        Note: Folds and creases will inevitably develop as the product is used. Transport: Back elements are packed individually.
        Price on request for beds in sizes B and C and mattresses in the following lengths: 210 or 220 cm.


        I consider upholstered furniture to be like a third skin. Just like a good piece of clothing, your furniture should be comfortable and suit you in many ways. My designs are dynamic in both shape and use. Components that are easy to move or shift ensure that the piece of furniture is perfectly adjustable to its user and thus able to keep up with daily life. This can range from a private moment or an intimate gathering to active comfort during the day or a lazy evening on the couch. A compact table ingeniously doubles in size to offer a warm welcome to friends at night.
        In my work I call this (E)motion.
        I am constantly searching for meaningful developments in my concepts and in this search I frequently find non-conformist solutions which contain distinctive functional features and a surprising design. Some great examples are the DS 164 for de Sede and the Wing for Jori.
        I am inspired by nature, art, architecture and technology, but mostly, I am inspired by life itself.
        At the age of 14, I had decided that I wanted to be a chef or a designer. My first sauces were sometimes lumpy, just like my first table, which was a bit rickety.
        It was the combination of passion and ambition which drove me forwards.
        These days, I cook some tasty meals for my friends and family and I have been a designer for international top brands for several years now. A salmon swims thousands of kilometres across the ocean to breed. It takes a tree hundreds of years to become full-grown.
        It is my mission to create a good and healthy meal, with respect for these amazing ingredients which mother earth has given us. It is my mission to create a beautiful and durable table or chair. I and my clients subscribe to sustainable production methods.
        Every single one of my designs is produced by craftsmen with an eye for quality.
        Nothing lasts forever, but my designs attempt to be a friend for life.
        I advise companies with innovative design, strategic and technical product development.
        With more than 19 years of experience in my design studio, and more than 20 years of experience as a designer and as a design manager for Leolux, I am the right partner for all these matters.
        Together with producers, I build bridges towards new innovative and sustainable solutions.