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        It has always gone on like this: since our solar system emerged billions of years ago from the so-called primordial cloud, the planets - including the earth - have rotated.
        And thank goodness: if Mother Earth were absolutely still, she would be warm on the side facing the sun and cold on the other. As it is, however, we comfortably enjoy our life - sometimes turning around as the DS-262 does when lifting like a tall sculpture in the room - but that still encourages active relaxation, because the range of different sitting postures it can be sampled to one's heart content.

        Standard Configuration: Round base and column covered in matt black with a fine texture.

        Construction Seat, back and footrest: supporting structure in metal, high density molded foam. Seat and backrest with comfort padding, backrest with integrated lumbar support.

        Seat comfort: Ergonomically designed seat with soft padding.
        Substructure Round: base and column coated in matt black with a fine texture. Polished pearl chrome or coated in a different color on request with extra charge. Double shell steel structure with closed round base. Plastic pads provided.

        Function: The footrest and chair can be rotated 360 ° independently of each other.

        Footrest: Avoid overfilling the footrest. The maximum load for the chair is 120 kg, 60 kg for the backrest and 30 kg for the footrest.
        Note The seat and back are covered loosely. Wrinkles inevitable with use.



        DE SEDE

        De Sede has its origins in a small but skilled saddler’s shop in Klingnau, Switzerland. The team of artisans is committed to transforming the best possible leather into design seats. Their years of experience and diligence have enabled them to create unique quality handmade leather chairs, armchairs and sofas.

        In 1965, the family-owned company became a joint stock company called de Sede AG, but remained true to the original guiding principles.

        The company developed rapidly and from now on:

        – the best designers of international caliber were involved to create seating furniture,

        – additional production plants were opened

        – an international distribution network has been created.

        Sophisticated designs that cleverly integrate traditional and precise Swiss workmanship quickly earned the brand an international reputation.

        Today, de Sede AG presents itself as a leading manufacturer of exclusive leather furniture. From the original small workshop, a company has emerged that employs over 110 people and distributes furniture to more than 69 countries, including the United States and Russia, GCC countries, and even emerging markets like China and Brazil.

        The philosophy

        With their unique leather products, they awaken all the senses of people around the world, turning heads with each creation. Every master craftsman in their workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland responds to this call.

        Their roots are their long-standing and rooted experience in the leather that allows for stable stem growth – their laboratory. Driven by continuous product innovation and the pursuit of the best, the crown blossoms into ever-changing forms: their collection.

        Quality as a basic principle


        They dedicated themselves entirely to production, to the work done by hand. With the refinement and perfection of craftsmanship they have cultivated since the company’s foundation, they can be assured that every piece of furniture they produce meets their extremely stringent and high-quality standards.

        Their specialists ensure that all the leather they treat is of the best quality. Their leather cutting operation is staffed by specialized experts with a trained eye who spot any leather irregularities, planning production so that they are not visible in the finished piece of furniture. Sophisticated coating technology with modern materials also requires a high degree of knowledge and experience; this also flows into every piece of furniture made by de Sede. Their upholsterers are masters of their craft. To complete the production there are exact seams, some made by hand, which give De Sede products the status of unique objects.

        Top-notch craftsmanship, rigorous quality requirements, utmost attention to detail, and personal commitment from all employees have made De Sede famous.