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        An authentic tribute to the equestrian world.

        The Golden Horses Volume, published by D’ORO Collection in 2015, is a tribute to the equestrian world that explores the relationship between this splendid animal and man, between poems and legends.

        If there is an animal that has always embodied a close relationship between man and nature, an almost mystical and ancestral symbiosis, that animal is undoubtedly the horse. Since prehistoric times, primitive peoples depicted it with stylized signs on the walls of caves and, over the years, it has always been the protagonist of history and literature: alongside the feathers of great writers, as well as the deeds of emperors and kings. It is from this awareness that the idea of ​​creating a Volume dedicated to the horse and its relationship with humanity throughout history was born.

        The Golden Horses volume published by D’ORO Collection is made entirely by hand with the use of 220 g thick artisan paper. Every single page is sewn by master craftsmen with the use of wooden frames deriving from the medieval tradition. The covers of The Golden Horses are in red leather-lined in silk on which a golden Greek embossed depicting galloping horses. Two bronze sculptures, gilded by immersion in a 24-karat gold bath, completely cover the covers.

        A luxury book, unique in its value for form and content, created by merging the ancient techniques of bookbinding with the works of great and timeless masters.

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