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        Fabio Pietrantonio

        Fabio Pierantonio has art in his blood, it runs through his veins. Fabio Pietrantonio's art wants to tell the vital balance between man and nature. Thanks to his long travels he learned about the spirituality of the Australian and Native American aborigines, who told him how contact with nature helps him to exorcise the anxieties of the frenzy of modern life. Fabio Pietrantonio expresses himself through carefully selected organic materials that he combines to convey a harmony of shapes, colors, and emotions. Fabio Pietrantonio lives between the Alps and Sardinia, feeding on their uncontaminated nature.

        The artist perceives an intimate message from these cultures and understands the importance of overcoming the states of alienation and anxieties that distinguish contemporary Western society by rediscovering an original and organic relationship with creation. The "cosmic" order of Pietrantonio's work is expressed through the use of materials such as wood, stone, dust, sand, and pigments balanced with metals, gauze, fabrics, ropes, and even gold petals. Objects that you select by taking them from uncontaminated environments and then carefully recombine on the canvas, in installations, or in ritual performances in search of harmony of shapes, colors, and sensations.

        Active with exhibitions, performances, and installations all over the world, Fabio Pietrantonio has chosen to live in secluded and serene places, between the pristine nature of the Alps, on the border between Italy and France, and in Sardinia, drawing a continuous source of inspiration from these places. for their own works. His Milanese atelier a few steps from Santa Maria delle Grazie is a place designed for sharing and exchanging ideas with friends, collectors, and cultural operators; since September 2015 it is also the home of the documentary archive whose staff deals with the cataloging and enhancement of the artist's production by organizing exhibition events, performances, and publications.