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        Fallen Chandelier M is the last masterpiece by Studio Job produced by Qeeboo, a floor lamp suitable for indoor environments. More than ten years ago Studio Job designed an unforgettable art installation named “Fallen Chandeliers”, a serie of scale lamps scattered on a large field where once a royal palace stood. The palace disappeared and only the lamps were in place on the grass. Now Qeeboo transforms this art project into a design object. Thanks to the rotational molding technology, shapes and surfaces are restyled. Influenced by 19th century Thonet classic curves Studio Job instills to this object a powerful expressive imaginary.

        Fallen Chandelier XL version also available

        STUDIO JOB

        Soulmates Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel founded studio job in 2000. This studio was established in the “renaissance spirit”, where traditional and modern techniques are combined to produce once- in-a-lifetime objects. The pair started the studio after graduating from the dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven and in the fifteen years since then, they have moved towards being the pioneers of contemporary design. Works by Studio Job can be found in more than forty museums around the world. The design duo have had dozens of solo exhibitions. Their iconic, heraldic and cartoon-like sculptures are popular with collectors. One of the most influential design team according to the financial times, Studio Job is passionate about building up an oeuvre that is becoming increasingly extravagant and personal in its details.