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        Designed by Studio VI+M, Normanna is a tribute to Sicily, the designer’s homeland, and the richness and fullness of the colours that characterise its art and architecture. Composed of a delicate sphere that makes a diffuser for light and expresses the high chromatic potential of Murano glass – ruby pink, amethyst pink, amber yellow, apple green, emerald green, Mediterranean blue and London grey – Normanna rests on a brushed brass base embellished with triple fringe with a vaguely retro flavour.

        VI + M Studio

        VI + M Studio was founded in 2012 by the collaboration between Vincenzo and Michele Ignaccolo, brothers and business partners.It is the natural evolution of VI Studio founded by Vincenzo in 2003 and deals with interior design, residential architecture, exhibition design and retail.
        The design approach is always oriented to extreme attention to detail, as well as to spatial research understood as the essence of architecture.All the projects faced, despite the different scales, are held together by a design method oriented towards the search for the right balance between the functionality of the materials and the poetics they contain, between the usability of space and its intrinsic beauty, between technique and emotion.

        "Form and material. These are the core elements of every product and its design process. By introducing us to the Murano’s glass production, it was our collaboration with Purho that uncovered new possibilities to help shape our design. This new world we stepped in was a magical experience for VI+M. What we learned was that there is a peculiarity that glassmakers’ timeless expertise and magic have in common: they are unreachable. Purho’s approach to its work and design follows a clear path. A path VI+M shares in its attempt to reach innovation through an open dialogue with the artisanal tradition. That’s how Normanna came to life. When the roots of our vision that always bring us back to Sicily met the Murano glass, the result was a contemporary artifact that combines extremely diverse natures and define its form by its material."