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        Illulian presents the new Distortion model designed by Marco Piva, in which sinuous motifs rhythm atmospheres and spaces, tracing new creative frontiers that fear no boundaries.

        The intertwining of the yarn like the interweaving of the cosmos. The threads that alone, light, fragile, are firmly united through the expert hands of those who know how to work them. So is the universe, intertwined by wise "hands". Distortion arises from the desire to question oneself on a much larger scale than the finished area of ​​a carpet, questions that are answered in these sometimes sinuous and sometimes reticular geometries, with lines that create non-assimilable shapes and well-known designs. The lines almost create imaginary architectures, which we can perceive but not concretize in elementary forms. In the drawings, the colors of the wools and silks intertwine and knot and transform the perception of the known space.

        A carpet with a strong furnishing value and a strong design vocation that belongs to the Limited Edition collection, the most exclusive line of Illulian composed of unique pieces signed by famous artists and designers who tell their personality and philosophy of life through decorations, illustrations and chromatic compositions that life on the surface of the carpet. All the models of the wide Illulian production are knotted and carded by hand and can be made in two qualities, Platinum 120 and Gold 100, which enchant for the chromatic appeal obtained from the brilliant vegetable colors used. Platinum 120, which represents the most exclusive line, is characterized by the use of the highest quality hand-spun wool and silk and an extremely complex process - 180,000 knots / m2 - which manages to create "sculptures" with very scenographic effects. . Gold 100 offers rugs made of wool and silk, always of great charm but with a density of 152,000 knots / m2. Moreover, thanks to the Custom Made service, consolidated ace in the hole of the brand, it is possible to give life to an absolutely bespoke rug, through the choice of colors, design, size. These prestigious specimens can be chosen for residential environments and for contract projects, such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and nautical solutions.


        Founded in 1959, Illulian is an internationally established luxury design brand for its commitment to craftsmanship. Currently, under the direction of Davis and Bendis Ronchetti Illulian, this family-owned business creates works of art with a distinct heirloom quality. Their prestigious showroom, located in the heart of the trendy "quadrilateral" district of Milan, exhibits modern objects and examples of the pieces of the internal design studio, rendered in every detail and customizable thanks to Ilullian's team of skilled craftsmen.

        Illulian is renowned for its collection of luxury antique rugs from all over the world. For over 60 years the company has exhibited these opulent products in their showrooms in the famous Milan fashion district. Ilulian rugs have also been exhibited in various international museums as expressions of contemporary art, showing a universal cultural heritage. Illulian Srl is one of the leading companies of antique and modern handmade rugs. Each rug they offer is a unique creation.

        Based on this great tradition, the brand has decided to marry the purest and most creative design by creating prestigious collaborations with world-class designers such as Kharim Rashid, Fabio Novembre, Damiano Spelta, Dario Ballardini, Marcelo Burlon and many others. Sure that this is a fundamental part of their appeal and appeal. All rugs are handmade in Himalayan wool and pure silk; nothing of what they produce is made in series or standard.