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        AMBROSIA, upsidedown surprise!

        Reversible glass serving cake stand for high patisserie and creams, appetizers, sauces and dips, seafood crudités, sushi and sashimi with soy sauce. One of the highlights of the whole collection for its design, innovation and originality.

        Two versions: “conical” or “spherical” shaped dish.

        Ambrosia, a stand in glass for a perfect mise en place

        Ideal for:

        -Sushi and Sashimi with soy sauce

        -A special "bruschetta"

        -A fine selection of raw fish seasoned with oil, salt and pepper

        -Dry pastry or sliced fruit with cream

        -Cheeses with fruit compotes, honey, jam or marmalade

        -Smoked fish with butter

        It is also super to stand out little objects you treasure.