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        The Oasis Collection boasts three pieces:

        -The sparkling brass spheres on the Oasis Sideboard are reminiscent of a wonderful white succulent. It has a brass top and pale blue interior.
        -Oasis Cabinet is a new bright green cabinet with a light blue interior. It is covered with polished brass spheres that resemble the thorns of a succulent cactus.
        Oasis Mirror is exquisite in its shape with sparkling brass spheres and houses magical infinite reflections of light inside


        “Traditionally, the design has been about solving a problem. I don’t solve problems; I create possibilities.”

        Rotterdam-based Richard Hutten is one of Hollands’ most influential and most successful designers. He is a founding member of the last major movement in Design: Droog Design. Hutten is known for his conceptual and playful designs. A true innovator, he has established himself as one of the leading international figures in his field, continually pushing the boundaries of design.


        Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia founded Scarlet Splendour in 2014. The siblings grew up in Kolkata, India with a deep sense of appreciation for the aesthetic. They combined their mutual passion for design to form Scarlet Splendour, with a view to integrate their maximalist sensibilities and become, possibly, the first design editors in India.

        They set out to create trailblazing furniture, lighting, and rugs on the borders of classical and modern, whimsical and serious, and functional and dramatic. Scarlet Splendour has collaborated with international stores, press agencies, artists, and designers to transform and take local craftsmanship to global levels. The company heralds a blend of cultures and transcends geographical boundaries to achieve the extraordinary in the design world.