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                Sneaker in fine Capodimonte porcelain made and hand painted in Italy

        Even to those who have only a superficial knowledge of the East it is known that the Tiger is one of the most used animals in the symbolism of the East. This animal has had a remarkable fascination in the West so as to become part of the collective imagination through of advertising spots, fairy tales and animated films.

        In the ICONOCLASTIC aesthetic the tiger refers to the beautiful representations that have made over the centuries both Chinese and Japanese illustrators, without denying the strong influence exerted by the manga Taiga Masuku, Tiger Man, to us children of the 80s. And what better time than this, 2022, the Year of the Tiger according to the Chinese horoscope,to celebrate this mythological animal?

        The Iconoclastic sneaker roars metaphorically, a proud expression of strength, energy and courage.

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