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                Sneaker in fine Capodimonte porcelain made and hand painted in Italy

        If we think of the moment when the sneaker was transformed from a shoe for sports activities to a cult object, we have to make a throwback in New York between the late 70’, and the beginning of 80’. Right there, between Harlem and the Lower East Side, the crossroads of subcultures took the first steps rap music.

        The Hip Hop movement codified its own style of clothing that included wide t-shirts, acetate overalls, baseball caps and basketball shoes.

        The sneaker GHETTO FEVER celebrates the origins of this phenomenon, through simple but targeted elements such as the number, which recalls the basketball uniforms, the “classic” white color “soiled” by the patina of time, and the graphic decoration that reproduces the title of a historic Public Enemy track in a graffiti key.

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