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        Handmade street art sculptures with recycled spray cans, polyurethane, plastic, they come with exclusive packaging. Limited editions. Part of the Fashion Brands Series by the Croatian street artist and designer Kresimir Buden, aka 2Fast.

        The gold spray is more of a rustic gold in person, in photos it might look a little shinier due to the HD image

        His Splashes depict an imaginary process of graffiti writing where a spray can disperses a colourful splash and simultaneously translates a dynamic action, into a static form on the wall. Each creation is coloured by hand, making each piece an original work of art. They come with a hole in the back for easy mounting. You can easily hang them on your wall and enjoy a splash of street art in your personal space. The materials used are non-combustible polyurethane resin and empty (used) spray cans with real cap.

        This sculpture was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and The Dose Art