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        It is 1978. That was the year when Muhammad Ali fought Leon Spinks, twice – and inspired designer Ueli Berger, who had been delighted with the futuristic design of de Sede sculptures during the Swiss manufacture’s early years.

        Ali’s boxing matches laid the groundwork for Berger to execute craftsmanship, skill, strength, sports and competition in a piece of seating furniture. This marked the birth of the idea, and an initial model of the human-sized boxing glove was designed by the company’s own leather artists. Shortly after its launch, and due to its innovative design and extraordinary recognition value, the model established itself as a de Sede icon. The wealth of requests for made-to-measure items attests to this sculpture’s unique design. A re-edition of DS-2878 was launched in 2017 with a sofa modeled after the original version.

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