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Visual perfection of form
The DS-707 Modular Sofa is the modern composition of handmade leather and contemporary design. The smooth and fluid transitions combine the postmodern era of Swiss furniture design with the clear and open structures of brutalism that inspired Designer Philippe Malouin for de Sede.
Available as a comfortable armchair or as a modular sofa that can be combined in infinite ways, the DS-707 is the visual perfection of form that gives each room a unique touch.

DS-707 Collection


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Price referred to the Living Leather


Construction: Substructure made of plate materials and foam structure.
Upholstery: Seat, back and sides: SEDEX upholstery.
Assembly: Element connector for connecting the elements already pre-assembled.Borders left /09 and right /10 are mandatory. Furniture cannot end with centerpiece /07.
Seams: Closing seam.
Note: Covered casually with deliberate creases. Wrinkle formation through use unavoidable. Wrinkle formation in the back area differs for fabric, thin leather and NECK.

Contemporary aesthetics combined in a sculpture
Where the Montreal Saint Lawrence River flows in a serpentine pattern, a residential complex characterized by the architectural style of Brutalism stands on a small promontory – the famous Habitat 67. 354 concrete blocks arranged in steps adorn part of the multifaceted Montreal skyline, designed by architect Moshe Safdie for Expo 67. Not far from
this memorable silhouette grew up as Philippe Malouin, who was inspired by these forms of brutalism throughout his life.
After Malouin got the call
from de Sede and the initial ideas were exchanged, the designer had largely a free hand and Malouin began his work “doing things”. Simply drawing, cutting or even folding different materials is part of the creation of the new DS-707 sculpture. Philippe Malouin experimented with folding foam for the Swiss manufacturer – the result: a modular sofa system with a traditional yet contemporary aesthetic. Transported by the wide serpentines of the river, the idea of ​​a sculpture that merges into a single form was born in the London studio near the Thames. The masterpiece DS-707 pays homage to classic de Sede designs and was created for the future.


British-Canadian Philippe Malouin holds a degree in Design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He also studied at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris and the University of Montreal.

He founded his own studio in 2008 after working for British designer Tom Dixon. Philippe also taught at the Royal College of Art in London between 2012 and 2015. He is also the director of POST-OFFICE, the architectural and interior design studio (

Its diverse portfolio includes tables, rugs, chairs, lights, art objects and installations. Philippe’s client list includes: Iittala, Please Wait to be Seated, SCP, Marsotto Edizioni, Resident, OTHR, Hem, Ace hotel, Matter-Made, Established & Sons, Roll & Hill, 1882 ltd., Kvadrat, Umbra Shift, IZÉ, Aesop.

Philippe is represented by the Salon 94 Design gallery in New York City. He recently won Wallpaper * Magazine’s “Designer of the Year” award. Philippe Lives and works in London, where he runs his own design studio.


de Sede has its origins in a small but skilled saddler’s shop in Klingnau, Switzerland. The team of artisans is committed to transforming the best possible leather into design seats. Their years of experience and diligence have enabled them to create unique quality handmade leather chairs, armchairs and sofas. In 1965, the family-owned company became a joint stock company called de Sede AG, but remained true to the original guiding principles.
The company developed rapidly and from now on:

– The best designers of international caliber were involved to create seating furniture,
– Additional production plants were opened
– An international distribution network has been created.
Sophisticated designs that cleverly integrate traditional and precise Swiss workmanship quickly earned the brand an international re