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        TecknoMonster Luxury Masterpiece in carbon fiber for suitcases and home design absolutely made in Italy. Tecknomonster is a luxury line of travel suitcases, bags, business briefcases, watch cases and home design items such as tables, chairs, desk chairs and much more. The Designer, Mr. Giacomo Valentini is a genius and an authentic soul who, among his many audacious intuitions, founded the TecknoMonster company in 2007. Giacomo Valentini is a creative who has the influence of those who deepen and want to get there, beyond the horizon, between engineering and imagination. This is how the projects of the volcanic designer were born. An esthete who makes the beauty of her objects the language with which to reach people, who then discover, in their hands, an object of high Italian engineering, in which functionality is always in first place.This is how Giacomo Valentini loves to amaze the audience, who knows him and knows that he does not expect something new from him, we expect Evolution. A person with the future in his pocket, able to learn from the past, live the present as a research phase.