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        Walking Sticks

        A traditional made in Italy company with a huge selection of collectible designer walking sticks, umbrellas and prestigious shoehorns. Walking Sticks is a company of pure Italian craftsmanship, a tradition that has been producing author's articles for over forty years, a leader in the field of walking sticks, precious handles for umbrellas and footwear. \n \nImportant for its breadth and richness of examples, the Walking Sticks collections can satisfy a collection that is growing today, gratifying at the same time also those who make their walking stick, their shoe fits or their umbrella a vehicle of prestige and communication. The knobs, plume, hook, hanger and many others are often present with figured decorations that draw their references in historical iconography where, over the centuries, some of the most beautiful expressions have been seen in sticks or umbrellas artists of their time.