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        Walking Sticks

        The traditional made in Italy company with a wide selection of collectible Walking Sticks, umbrellas, and prestigious footwear.

        Walking Sticks, a leader in the field of walking sticks, precious umbrella handles, and shoe socks is a pure artisan company that has been producing author's articles for over forty years.

        Important for its breadth and richness of examples, the collections of walking sticks are able to satisfy collectibles that are growing today, gratifying at the same time also those who make their walking stick, their foot pocket, or their umbrella a prestigious vehicle and communication. The knobs, plume, hook, hanger, and many others are often present with figured decorations that draw their references in historical iconography where, over the centuries, some of the most beautiful expressions have been seen in sticks or umbrellas artists of their time.

        The first traces of the origin of the shoehorn date back to the 15th century, in the Victorian era, to help people put on shoes more easily. In the fashion of the time, the shoes were very narrow and these new tools used daily by the aristocrats. In fact, the rich can afford made-to-measure shoes and therefore need accessories such as the shoehorn, originally carved on bone or horn. In the sixteenth century thanks to the fashion of tight-fitting shoes, the shoehorn becomes an essential accessory for the Dandy; made with manufacturing structures of different materials (from silver to brass, from whalebone to ivory, from wood to tortoise) in order to make a sturdy shoe fit for an essential kit.

        The Walking Sticks collections are today as then, embellished by the richness of the decorations and the variety of models and raw materials used. Swarovsky and silver alternate with porcelain, resins, woods, and other materials.