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        Aeron executive office chair by Herman Miller, designed in 1994 by Chadwick and Stumpf, revolutionized the world panorama of office seating based on a concept as simple as it is fundamental: putting human beings, their well-being and their work at the centre.

        Scientifically enhanced by Chadwick in 2016, the new Aeron office chair delivers on that promise.

        Wide choice of colors and models.

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        Herman Miller's Aeron executive office chair, 2016 model, is the scientifically enhanced version of an office chair that was already the non plus ultra of its kind.

        Aeron maintains the sophisticated and by now classic shape of the original office armchair, but its structure has been entirely redesigned on the basis of twenty years of ergonomic and anthropometric research, studying the evolution of user needs and making use of the most congenial and advanced materials.

        Aeron improves posture support, thanks to the eight tension zones that offer ergonomic support exactly where it is needed. It improves the ventilation system, which dissipates humidity and body heat, maintaining a comfortable temperature on the backrest and seat. Improve the rocker mechanism, which offers total control over the recline by managing it smoothly and without jerks.

        Thanks to its elegant hi-tech design, Herman Miller's Aeron executive office chair is highly configurable in terms of size, color and performance.

        The guarantee covers the structure for twelve years, five years for the base, three years for the gas lift mechanism.

        Aeron is available:

        -Aeron Classic office chair,

        -Aeron G-full,

        -Aeron stool

        - Aeron OBP office chair.