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        Giacomo Valentini

        Giacomo Valentini is a creative who has the influence of those who deepen and want to get there, beyond the horizon, between engineering and imagination. This is how the volcanic designer's projects were born. An esthete who makes the beauty of his objects the language with which to reach people, who then discover, in their hands, an object of high Italian engineering, in which functionality always comes first. This is how Giacomo Valentini loves to amaze the public, who know him and know that he does not expect something new from him, we expect Evolution. A person with a future in his pocket, capable of learning from the past, experiences the present as a research phase. These are the characteristics that make the carbon fiber treated by the Tecknomonsterin autoclave, following the most futuristic processes of the aeronautical and aerospace sector, excellence of the Italian avant-garde. Carbon Fiber Glacies is an excellent material, of the latest generation and with high mechanical properties, which requires millimeter precision in the processing phases: from design to final assembly.