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        Salvatore Liistro

        Salvatore Liistro was born in Syracuse into a family of Greek origin. Moving to Turin, he began his artistic training at a very young age in the restoration workshops of the Piedmontese capital, a fundamental experience for the knowledge of ancient sculpture and, in particular, of the wooden Madonnas of the 1400s. Subsequently, he matures his preparation as an Artistic Trainer for important sculptors, undertaking, in parallel, the activity of restorer, collector and antiquarian. He arrives as a sculptor initially following a line of continuity with the classical figure: a period that sees him carefully study the ancient and modern masters in search of connections between the legacy of the past and contemporary possibilities.
        A tireless experimenter of materials and technologies, he also finds a place on the side of the exploration of new expressive possibilities in the world of the factory, a space capable of transforming itself into a construction site for the practice of art tout court. In this totally open vision, he has more recently developed a personal style where the shape of colourful mouths close to POP ART, chosen as a symbol of communication, is combined with a precise poetic linked to the environment and the possibility of an open enjoyment of art. In 2017 he was invited by the City of Turin to exhibit at the Town Hall on the occasion of World Environment Day.  Also in 2017, he premiered a series of experimental works as part of the "Spirit of Artist" exhibition. "The world saw with other eyes, promoted and organized by the Pictor Academy in the historic Palazzo Bellia in Turin. He also created the performance "Baci Reali" on the occasion of the vernissage of D 'Apres. Tribute to Andy Warhol and the myth of Pop Art, an exhibition project organized by the Pictor Academy within the Library event promoted by the City of Venaria Reale (Turin). In 2017, as part of the Paratissima event, he made a solo exhibition entitled "THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED SEVEN TWO".
        In 2018 he participated with works dedicated to recycling in the exhibition “Cambiano come to Montmartre”. Also in 2018, as part of the Paratissima event, he made a solo show entitled "#UNBACIOSALVERAILMONDO".