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        T1 Black, 9 and 8 feet Pool Tables

        The light dances across its handcrafted crystal surfaces, courting you to take up a cue and experience a whole new game. T1. Black presents minimalism that knows how to have fun. Seriously artistic yet endlessly entertaining.


        Simonis® 860, the finest bar none, made of worsted wool and available in 25 different colors.

        9-feet size - L 290 W 163 H 82 cm 400kg
        8-feet size - L 260 W 148 H 82 cm 330 kg

        This product may not be available for immediate delivery, contact us for more info.

        PRE ORDERPayment: 50% upon order confirmation - balance before shipment. Assembly excluded.


        Each table created using only computer numerical control (CNC) machines which ensure unrivaled precision.

        Legs made of clear tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick with double-bevel edges.

        Playing field made of a single sheet of tempered crystal at least 9/16” thick.

        Simonis® 860 worsted wool playing surface, available in 25 colors.

        Bases in solid oak that has been ebonized (a reaction that turns black the open pore wood) with a shiny stainless steel/light bronze structure.

        Polyurethane bumpers.

        Solid aluminum rails with black anodized finish.

        Each table comes with the following Teckell® biliardo set:

          • • Four cues:
            - 3 standard cues
            - 1 cue with 3lobite® joint
            - 1 3lobite® 30cm extension
            - 1 Kamui® Stella bridge
          • • Game triangle
          • • Super Aramith® Pro game balls set (American pool game)
          • • Pool cue chalk set

        Teckell® Tool Kit includes: certificate of authenticity, instructions and tools for assembling and maintaining the product.

        This pool table is also available in an eight-feet version, ideal for modern homes’ living spaces. The incline of the crystal legs differs slightly between the 9 and 8 feet table sizes.

        Teckell® Innovations

        Plug-and-play system: cloth stretching technique that is easy and flawless for a perfectly even playing surface.

        Precise leveling system utilizing 12 screws hidden inside the table’s wooden base.

        Installation of a soundproofing polyurethane layer below the cloth.

        Classic pockets have been replaced by highly flexible polyurethane pockets that can hold three playing balls and return to their original shape when emptied.



        Milano, Italia

        A man of the world, French citizen Sadler was born in Austria and has worked in France, the United States, Asia and Italy. One of the first people to receive a degree in industrial design in Paris, he’s a pioneer in material experimentation and technological crossover. Today he serves as a consultant for companies in a wide range of fields. He’s won the Italian Industrial Design Association’s prestigious Compasso d’Oro award four times as well as many other International prizes.

        What inspired your piece?

        Being a serious pool player, I have always been intrigued by the idea of creating a crystal pool table. I’d been bouncing this idea around in my head for a long time. One day I presented it to Gianfranco who was enthusiastic about it. He believed and trusted in me. Together we were able to make it a reality.

        In designing this project, what aspect proved most difficult?

        The biggest challenge was to combine the will to preserve the purity of the architecture lines in glass with the need to guarantee the stability of the table and to respect the game’s rules. Pool is a game of thought and concentration, but also an important piece of furniture.

        What innovations resulted from this project?

        For the realization of T1 we’ve used for example the expandable polymer for the nets and the bumpers. Other technologies have been made available from companies who’ve realized the components with a positive and collaborative spirit, for a great team work.