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Bubble Holly is a tribute to Breakfast at Tiffany's and New York, whose colors are recalled by the layered and iridescent background, reminiscent of a sunset enjoyed from the rooftop of one of the skyscrapers of the Big Apple. Holly Golightly wears a stunning pearl and diamond necklace as she plays bubble gum balloons. Obviously the ball is Tiffany blue in honor of the most famous and dreamed of jewelry in the world. Sannib, who defines his art as Dreamalism, believes that the artist's primary task is to uphold, support and celebrate the freedom to express oneself, to be and to pursue one's dreams. And who better than Holly, the indomitable party girl scared of love, can convey this message? Technically the work combines ancient Arabic calligraphic and pictorial art with the use of acrylic colors and pop references. The abstract background is a beautiful example of Middle Eastern art reminiscent of the colors and atmospheres of mosques. Holly's face, figurative, is on the contrary essentially Western. The two approaches, and styles, coexist complementary in harmony. If one of the two were missing, the work could not exist and, with this, the artist sends us a strong and clear message. There are no dominant cultures, more or less evolved, but the magic of the world is dictated precisely by the heterogeneity of the continents and their inhabitants. Knowing and deepening the history, culture and customs of different countries is the first stone to be, and to live, free. Free like Holly who, after a life sui generis, finds her place in the world and love.