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        In Rome, in Via di Campo Marzio 70, the milestone from which the spread of olfactory culture started. The place is dedicated to the art of perfume. The Essential Store located inside the ancient Roman Campus Martius, the public area consecrated to Mars, the god of war, where the military triumphs of Ancient Rome were celebrated, could only smell of intense amber, warm and woody on the bottom. The most precious raw material that Campomarzio70 dedicates to Rione IV of the capital.

        The room spray is also available.

        The Essential Blend

        With The Essential Blend, TEB, the collection of home fragrances, Campomarzio70 celebrates its Essential Stores.

        All fragrances are marked with a number, the street number of each of the temples of essential culture.
        Each one tells a story, fragrant, full of experiences, emotions and art. Each outlines the character of a store and consecrates its olfactory signature.

        This fragrance was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70