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        In Cigar Marilyn, a work in mixed technique 100 × 100 cm, the face of Marilyn Monroe emerges from a chromatic-temporal patina that mingles with the cigar she is smoking. The gold, blue and earth-colored background is a splendid example of calligraphic art and Arabic painting, with an effect reminiscent of the interiors of the sumptuous riads and the decorations in the shades of the Mosques. Sannib, in fact, harmoniously blends his Syrian-Lebanese origins with his being an English citizen, in an art where East and West coexist in beauty. Marilyn Monroe, on which the word Vogue heads, represents the freedom that, in the artist's creative philosophy, must be protected through art. The face of the beautiful, and unfortunate, icon is done with acrylic colors, an exquisitely Western technique. The choice of subject is a clear tribute to Andy Warhol and Pop Art. The layered effect, combined with the smoke coming out of the cigar, gives a sense of movement. Cigar Marylin is a perfect work for a minimal and contemporary context such as a loft, an attic surrounded by windows or a concrete villa where the layered background accentuates the material effect. In a more classic environment such as an apartment furnished with period pieces, a country house or a farmhouse, it increases the sense of antiquity and value, harmonizing and winking at the wood of the furnishings, silverware and mirrors blackened by time.