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        Artefatto Design Studio has indulgently worked on this alluring collection, crossing the boundaries between art, design, and luxury fashion, in order to create a unique and personal vision for the collection. The founding designers of this London based studio have subtly blended together their design sense from the Greek and Latin heritage, spinning charming interiors, furniture, and lighting design delivered over thought-provoking forms with a distinguished organic virtue and inspired minimalism.

        Legends say the real test of absolute royalty is sensitivity, much like the princess who can detect a tiny imperfection muffled in billowy softness. This is the essence of purity The Snow White Collection upholds. Amplified with fairytale gentleness and royal comfort, Scarlet Splendour’s curated collection of alluring chairs, rugs, and artifacts crafted with the finest sheepskin found in all the realms, are held by golden frames. This is what it must feel like to be waft away to your own kingdom of clouds and gentle surrealism, within a world, which may no longer be dreamlike.  It’s a promise of luxury, beyond imagination. The soul of this collection rests in the majestic crowns of kings and queens, past and present.

        Coronum Three Seater Sofa

        Coronum Rug

        Coronum Coat Hanger

        Coronum Coffee Table

        Coronum Armchair


        Scarlet Splendour was born in 2014 from the love for Design of the brothers Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia and they dream of becoming the first design editors in India. Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia founded Scarlet Splendor in 2014. The brothers grew up in Calcutta, India with a deep sense of appreciation for aesthetics. They combined their mutual passion for design to form Scarlet Splendor, in order to integrate their maximalist sensibility and possibly become the first design editors in India. They set out to create cutting-edge furniture, lighting, and carpets on the edge of classic and modern, whimsical and serious, functional, and dramatic. Scarlet Splendor has partnered with international stores, news agencies, artists, and designers to transform and bring local craftsmanship globally. The company heralds a blend of cultures and transcends geographical boundaries to achieve the extraordinary in the world of design. Scarlet Splendor was launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2015. Their debut collections were born from the genius of Matteo Cibic of Vicenza, Italy. It won the Elle Decor International Design Award 2017 in the Young Talent category. In addition to Matteo Cibic's projects, the Scarlet Splendor portfolio contains a series of works by Dario Contessotto, Mirco Colussi, and Nika Zupanc, who has been called "the real star" by the Wall Street Journal. From Milan 2015 and subsequent exhibitions, Scarlet Splendor has increased its collaborations with internationally renowned designers and the latest in the London Artifact Design Studio. In 2018 Scarlet Splendour participated in the Salone del Mobile. Milan, a milestone not only in the young history of the company but also in the history of the global presence of the Indian design fraternity. Scarlet Splendor combines her exquisite artistry with an immaculate design to evoke decadence and eternity. We invite you to experience its avant-garde aesthetic and share our passion for luxury. In 2020, after meeting the Designer Danilo Cascella, they decided together to start a prestigious partnership and propose their precious pure design collections on the Danilo Cascella Premium Store. An original and scenographic furniture unique of its kind.