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        Translation: Translation into other languages available upon request

        Production: Entirely made in Italy at the D’ORO Collection workshops, Rome

        Number of Pages: 317

        Dimensions (cm): 42 x 34 x 6

        Covers: Carbon fibre embellished with bronze and 24-carat gold sculptures

        Lining: Black moirè

        Paper: white artisan paper, 210 gram thick

        Finishings: Black Leather with logos and title created using 24-karat gold leaves

        Bookmarks: Three double face satin ribbons in the colours of the Italian flag

        Packaging: luxury handmade box

        Accessories: white gloves and black pure cashmere cloth

        DNA Lamborghini AD Personam


        The Official Book of Automobili Lamborghini

        From the authentic passion for a forward-looking tradition, a unique exquisite Italian artwork is now available in an even more exclusive version.

        Three years after its launch we have published the Second Edition of DNA Lamborghini - the Official Book of Automobili Lamborghini - with expanded and updated contents and in an even more limited edition: only 150 numbered copies that can be personalized on request with the owner’s name initials and the super sports car VIN - the unique chassis number that distinguishes each Lamborghini car.

        The Second Edition of DNA Lamborghini features many cars presented one by one and ordered according to the spirit and concept with which they were created. First, the 1963 models of pride - the first in history to feature the Bull as their brand name - than the models which brought Ferruccio to success, including the legendary Miura, and then many more until the present day, including the futuristic versions at the turn of the last century and Countach LPI 800-4, a true symbol of innovation.

        DNA Lamborghini is the only official book in the world with carbon fiber covers made with the characteristic oblique pattern and inspired by the typical features of Lamborghini's super sports cars. They are forged in an autoclave and then polished and painted by hand, using the same process used for the super sports cars.

        This is where the work of the artists and craftsmen comes into play because, as with all D'ORO Collection publications, the bas-reliefs play a fundamental role and are a distinctive sign of uniqueness.

        The lines and the Automobili Lamborghini shield on the front cover are bronze bas-reliefs made with the lost wax technique and then gilded by immersion in a 24-carat gold bath.

        To make DNA Lamborghini, the Master Goldsmiths use a technique, which dates back to the Roman times: it involves 4 different castings of white-hot bronze poured into 4 different moulds to obtain all the details, including the central shield. It is a complex operation that involves several steps and many days of work. Once the moulded bronze has cooled, the resulting bas-relief is checked and chiselled to bring out even the smallest detail before being dipped in a pure gold bath.

        These are not the only golden details in DNA Lamborghini: the spine, the internal title and – if personalization is requested – the owner’s name initials and super sports car VIN - the unique chassis number that distinguishes each Lamborghini car - are made with the gold leaf technique, which is typical of D'ORO books.

        The pages of DNA Lamborghini are made of handcrafted cotton paper, made of 100% high-quality pure cotton cellulose. Every single sheet is obtained by laying out, shaping, pressing and drying the cellulose mixture. This operation is repeated more than 80 times for each book.

        Cotton paper is white, thick and pleasantly rough to the touch. Thanks to its properties, the contents of DNA Lamborghini, be they texts or photographs, shine with brilliance and character.

        Each page of DNA Lamborghini is printed by means of platen presses using different plates, while the photographs are printed by means of modified rotary printing, slightly changing the composition of the cotton paper, to obtain unprecedented purity of the images.

        Bookbinding is done entirely by hand. Bone folders are used before arranging the individual sheets on the wooden frames. Being faithful reproductions of the medieval instrumentation, they make it possible to keep the tradition alive still today and to make unique books entirely sewn by hand. Using a wooden frame, the craftsman begins stitching with needle and cotton thread. An operation that requires consistency, precision and patience and is repeated page after page until the completion of the book.

        Once sewing is completed, DNA Lamborghini is placed under a manual press for three days.

        The result is an unparalleled book with jewel-like covers that combine hi-tech with goldsmith techniques, enclosing more than 300 pages printed and manually sewn one by one.