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        DAB PENGUIN, designer Vittorio Gennari

        This penguin’s gesture (dabbing) refers to a pose struck by athletes after an exceptional performance or by footballers after a goal, a gesture of pride that recognizes a great feat, imitated by millions of young people around the globe. 60% of the world’s penguins have disappeared over the last 50 years, yet this penguin seems to say ‘I'm here and I'm a hero’. This call for attention is meant to raise awareness about what’s happening to those (besides us) who live on planet Earth.

        The ceramic penguin is designed with low poly, a technique used in 3D video games to create characters and objects with a polygonal effect. Embellished with metal enamels, the penguin has a shape reduced to the essentials. As if to suggest the idea of ​​a presence that slowly reduces to dissolve.

        To underline Bosa's commitment to endangered animals, a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of both animals will be donated to the WWF.

        A Panda and a Ceramic PenguinBosa presented his new project dedicated to nature and endangered species to Maison et Objet. To sign the two animals Elena Salmistraro and Vittorio Gennari.

        Panda and a Penguin. These two tender animals are the new protagonists of the zoomorphic universe of Bosa, two endangered species caused by global warming and climate change.

        The two projects were signed by Elena Salmistraro, the eclectic Milanese designer who created the famous Primates Monkey Vases for Bosa, and Vittorio Gennari.

        Bosa, a Venetian and international laboratory, has been innovating ceramics since 1976 by creating entirely hand-made objects and furnishing accessories. The continuous scouting work, the relationship with the most promising designers - who interpret ceramics with an expressive and emotional language - in addition to the consolidated wealth of expertise and manufacturing experience, have helped to make the brand appreciated worldwide and to face numerous design challenges.

        Special products born from high craftsmanship expertise, characterized by exclusive colors and finishes such as precious metals and enamels, are the result of the company's constant commitment to experimentation and research and have been selected for important collections, thematic exhibitions and international museums.