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        THE WORK

        The face of Holly Golightly, The iconic heroine of Breakfast at Tiffany's played by Audrey Hepburn emerges from a layered background dominated by light blue, blue and rust tones. If the restless party girl is painted with acrylic colors, which give her a pop and vital touch, the background is the fruit of ancient Arabic calligraphic and pictorial art. In fact, Sannib is an artist who conveys his adopted Western culture (he lives in London) and his Syrian-Lebanese origins in his creations. The combination of the two souls, and styles, gives a contemporary and ancient effect, sparkling and lived-in full of references and references. The blue of the background, Tiffany blue, is a tribute to the film and to New York. For the artist, with an international career and exhibitions around the world, the function of art is to support the freedom to dream, expression and fulfillment. In this artistic and existential vision, New York is celebrated for its welcome which, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, welcomed millions of immigrants who arrived in America to make their fortune. Even the protagonist of Breakfast at Tiffany's, after fun and turbulent adventures, finally finds love and her place in the world. This positive and energetic approach to art is poured into the work which, from the first glance, captures and fascinates the viewer.