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        From the beginning of the 1933 film industry of time it has passed: (King) Kong, the ferocious beast turned into a good hero when the feelings began to resurface, and, abandoned reluctantly the jungle, the city now seems to have become a habit, New York or any other.

        The Kong of Stefano Giovannoni is, surprisingly, technological, and almost human sheds light in front of him just as if the power had gone out. Its physicality is out of scale to be a toy, out of scale to be a lamp, but it is also out of scale to be a gorilla.

        With its 53 cm height, the Kong in XS version can be used both as a table lamp and floor lamp and leaves more space for creativity and the possibility of customizing the house.


        Stefano Giovannoni was born in La Spezia in 1954, architect and student designer of Buti at the University of Florence. In the early 1980s, he formed the King-Kong production group together with Guido Venturini. Behind a physicist of the role that seems the opposite of that of a designer pianist hides a talent capable of transferring into his projects the complex system of "affective codes" that made him the "Super & Popular" champion of the years 90. Metanoic designer par excellence, he has industrial design in his blood and the ability to understand the public like few others.

        Stefano Giovannoni is a designer who, more than any other, has worked in the world of home and kitchen accessories.

        He has collaborated with companies such as Alessi, Amore Pacific, Cedderoth, Deborah, Fiat, Hannstar, Hansemm, Helit, Henkel, Honeywell, Kokuyo, Inda, Laufen, Lavazza, LG Hausys, Magis, Mikakuto, Ntt Docomo, Oras, Oregon Scientific, Pepsico, Pulsar, Samsung, Seiko, Siemens, Sodastream, 3M, Telecom, Toto, Veneta Cucine, and many others.

        In 2016 he launches Qeeboo the Italian brand Next Generation of furniture and accessories, a project they collaborate on: Andrea Branzi, Front, StudioJob, Richard Hutten, Marcantonio, Daï Sugasawa, Marcel Wanders, Nika Zupanc.


        Under the careful direction of Stefano Giovannoni in collaboration with the most eclectic international designers, integrating different styles and characters in a playful-narrative approach, extraordinary design products are born with the Qeeboo brand. Emotional and narrative objects that are openly non-bourgeois and accessible to all who, once created, are entrusted to our interpretation to acquire a new life.

        Qeeboo resumes and reinterprets the icons of our imagination in a fantastic way and gives them an unexpected, full of emotion and original image, introducing a collection of intelligent, ironic, and surprising objects.