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        THE WORK

        Love Lisa is a 100 × 100 cm painting, made with mixed media. The Mona Lisa, at the center of the work, stands out against a material, composite and deep background where the alternation between gold, blue and an earth color creates an antique effect. The Mona Lisa thus seems to emerge from the pages of time, from a wall covered with layers and layers of paint patiently removed by a loving archaeologist. The word love, above Leonardo's mysterious lady, is the key to the reading of the painting that speaks to us of the union between love and art. In fact, in Sannib's creative universe, art has the function of supporting dreamers and those hungry for freedom. Technically the work is a splendid example of the happy union between the ancient Arabic calligraphic and pictorial techniques, used for the background, and a Pop use of the acrylics that make up, and outline, the face of the Mona Lisa. Although the two approaches, and styles, are clearly distinguishable even by an inexperienced eye, there is no sense of contrast or forcing. The final result, harmonious and balanced, attributes the role of universal language to art. A bit like love, in fact.