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        In black and white, with soft colors or shock colors, the rugs of the Design Collection, for true design addicted, enchant for their chromatic appeal and never cease to surprise, playing with textures to challenge pure creativity. Illulian carpets are recognized to be the most beautiful in the world, giving a pleasant variation in the color of the ground and creating a brilliant collection. All carpets are handmade and for its Premium Store Danilo Cascella has selected a proposal of 6 rugs: 

        DragonFlamingos Madama ButterflyMakanParadoxU.F.O 


        Illulian is renowned for its collection of luxury antique rugs from all over the world. For over 60 years the company has exhibited these opulent products in their showrooms in the famous Milan fashion district. Ilulian rugs have also been exhibited in various international museums as expressions of contemporary art, showing a universal cultural heritage. Illulian Srl is one of the leading companies of antique and modern handmade rugs. Each rug they offer is a unique creation.