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        - Floral Leather -
        Born in 1670, Madeleine de Maupin was raised by her strict father. At the age of 14, she escaped an arranged marriage by escaping to Marseille with her fencing master. Along the journey south, the couple supported themselves by making fencing displays, dressed in men's clothing. When she Madeleine was discovered, during a show, that she was not a real woman, she interrupted the duel, exhibiting her chest in front of an enchanted audience. Later, at just 17, she entered into a forbidden relationship with a young woman named Charlotte. When Charlotte's family discovered her, she decided to lock the young woman in a convent, Madeleine disguised herself as a nun and covered the traces of their escape by starting a fire.

        This fragrance was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70