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        MARGOT, together with the hyper décor panda BERNARDO by Elena Salmistraro and the lowpoly penguin DAB PENGUIN by Vittorio Gennari, become a faithful companion of the newspaper that symbolizes the consequences of our actions and is part of the support that Bosa has earmarked for WWF campaigns.
        MARGOT is a turtle that tells the whole habitat in which she lives, carrying it on her shell. Algae, corals and small fish thus become a decoration and a powerful message at the same time. The caretta-caretta, a common species of the Mediterranean Sea and now close to extinction in Italian waters, thus enters our homes to remind us of the fragility of the environment that surrounds us and the urgency to commit ourselves to preserve it.
        Embellished with three-dimensional textures and hand-made enamels by master craftsmen, MARGOT is not just a special decorative object. Thanks to the large size and the hidden space under the carapace lid, the turtle also becomes a useful object holder.