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        Carla Campea

        Carla Campea is a very well-established Roman artist that shapes iridescent Pop paintings enhanced by neon details.

        Carla has a multifaced and blasting talent that, along with painting, conveys in creating stunning jewels adored by celebrities and exceptional figure such as Pope Benedetto XV for whom she has forged the signet ring. .

        She grew up surrounded by the vibes and the influences of the Roman School, absorbing the heritage of Schifano and Rotella while, at the same time, working as an apprentice in Rione Monti and Campo dei Fiori’s artists and jewellers’ ateliers. After art diploma, where she expanded her drawing and painting abilities under the guidance of the great Cesare Tacci, she graduated at the Art Academy.

        Making jewels and paintings are the two sides of the same coin, or even better, of the same artistic flair as they influence, twinkle, and invoke each other reaching a third creative dimension that synergically casts figurative and abstractive art. Neon paintings are the most radiant epiphany of this happy union.

        Neon paintings, indeed, embody both the physical and textural essence of the jewels and Arte Povera’s reminiscence, primarily the object trouvé’s one, blended with a deep observer spirit that brings into art what’s happening in the world.

        In her paintings, 60’s and today’s icons portrayed in shiny and vibrant hues, float on neon-bright backgrounds. Carla Campea is one the few artists left using neon instead of the much simpler led, counting on the precious help of a dedicated neon artisan. Carla Campea she is one of the very few artists to use neon instead of the simpler led, making use of one of the last specialized Italian artisans who works only for her.

        When she’s not painting, or shaping jewels, Carla is a university lecturer at the University of Jewlery.

        Her artistic resumé shows personal exhibitions in renowned places and cities: Castel Sant’ Angelo, Mercati Traianei, Campidoglio Musei Capitolini, New York and Chicago.

        Her artworks are kept in important international collections between Australia, USA, UAE (the Prince’s one as well) and Europe.

        A couple of sculptures made for Harley Davidson has been used to finish a two special edition motorbikes.

        Carla Campea is also involved into Italian fashion world. She has designed a jewellery collection for the brand “Freddy” while, during Milano fashion week, she creates made to ware jewels for the fashion shows.

        Her 2018 personal exhibition I AM was a tribute to her career, and artistic and life journey through paintings, bronze sculptures, jewels, handbags, and shoes.

        Carla’s name is featured in the prestigious Atlante dell’Arte Contemporanea published by De Agostini, which is one of the most respected mappings of Italian artistic scene from 1950 to 2018.