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        Jonathan Griffith was born in Grosseto on October 26, 1979. Son of Sergio, owner of one of the most important local body shops, he discovered his love for creativity and colours by working with his father.

        After his studies, he dedicated himself to the design of aerodynamic kits for cars and then, in 2008, became a nautical broker. The desire to celebrate the birthday of his best friend, Anna Maria, with a unique and personalized gift, is the spark that launches him into the world of art.

        Recovering paints and composites, he creates his first work, a brilliant and material painting called “Soccer”.

        From there it never stops. Combining his passion for Pop Art, with his skills, he gives life to fibreglass sculptures finished with paints, and bodywork procedures, thanks to which they take on that sparkling patina that drives the public crazy. Each piece is entirely handmade and unique: there will never be two completely identical due to the life of the materials and the craftsmanship of the processes.

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