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        Giovanni Motta was born in Verona in 1971.
        After his accounting studies, he began working in the world of communication as a creative and advertising artist collaborating, among others, with Emanuele Pirella in Milan. His artist nature had already manifested itself by a child: at 9 he won a drawing competition organized by the FAO. At the same time he is interested in figurative and contemporary art with a particular interest in the world of Japanese anime and manga. He began his artistic journey by painting scenes of life extrapolated from his travels around the world with hyperrealist technique: Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, are essential stages for his research on the theme that will become the leitmotif of his work: the inner child. This will lead him to explore culture while also using new technologies, such as modeling and 3D printing. He began exhibiting in 2000 with solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

        He has participated in prizes for which he was a finalist, such as the Arte Laguna Prize (Venice 2016), the Aletti Award (2009) and the Arte Prize (Cairo Editore, 2004).
        Together with the Galleria Forni he has participated in numerous contemporary art fairs, Art Verona, St-Art Strasbourg, Art Helsinki and Roma Contemporary. In September 2020 he exhibited in Switzerland with the personal Thanks on the theme of cartoons. He started working full-time in art from the beginning of 2020, making him an emerging artist at 49. Recently he has made contacts with art galleries and collectors from Colombia, Venezuela, the Philippines, Egypt, China, Switzerland, Belgium.
        For 2021 he has 3 solo shows, Bogota, Shanghai and Caracas.
        He is one of the artists of the Bosa ceramiche stable, Italian excellence in the world.

        “The momonsters are colourful souls who live in my realm. They are the thrills of a fair ride, but without the fear. Their home is an abandoned fairground. They are little sculptures made of clay, paper and resin. Every now and then, one of them comes to life and becomes a piece of pottery, a painting or a cartoon strip. Blue Julian is thoughtful, diligent and calm. He is light-hearted, profound, introverted and sweet. Red Atomic is energetic, strong and inquisitive. He is Blue Julian’s inseparable brother and is ardent and intense. Blue Black is the new arrival. A very special character. It reminds me of unforgettable moments, the legendary battles fought with fountain pen and ink eradicator. With the ink I created the scenery and then destroyed it with the ink eradicator, fighting imaginary battles.”

        Bosa is one of Italy’s most interesting artisan realities, a historic company, an example of competence,
        research and passion. Bosa collaborates with artists and tells the vision through works of exceptional workmanship.
        Superb technique, competence and study of materials make this company a priceless jewel.
        With Bosa I created a collection of monster sculptures with one of the most loved materials, earth, ceramics.
        Blue Julian, Red Atomic, Red Sky in the Evening, Was an Egg, Pollux, Toowomba, Little Indian, Blue Chute, Nine Plus, Sweet Coke, The Part of Zucchini and Blue Black are the team of monsters available in any color.
        Each monster has a story connected to an event, distant stories, unforgettable memories that remain forever enclosed in the soul as a trace of a being that always lives in us, the inner child.”

        Giovanni Motta