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        Phil Rain coffepot reveals the fascinating chemical process, which transforms an excellent raw material into a tasty drink. It formally conjures a scientific, futuristic effect.

        Brewing coffee with this product will enhance all the fascination of the chemical process it represents: the water required can be poured directly and the coffee does everything by itself. This makes it easy to prepare a number of filter coffees at the same time. Load all the water cylinders and just stand and watch!

        All the parts of Phil Rain combine to make it a sort of functional piece of architecture. Its sculptural appeal means you can place it in any design-oriented environment.    

        Phil Rain doesn't use paper filters. It has an unusual, porous, glass separator, which acts as a filter.

        Insert the coffee powder into the top cylinder, followed by water at 83°. Wait for approximately 8 minutes to drink your coffee.  

        Phil Ninety-three, glass Kettle

        Phil decanter, filter coffee maker

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