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        Leisure with an Italian design of contemporary luxury

        Contemporary design meets Italian craftsmanship in a technological and aesthetic triumph. Art is transformed into a unique emotion. Teckell is uniquely Italian. A design studio with a captivating history that is divided into five chapters:

        Design Technology

        Exquisite Materials

        Product Collections,

         Artisanal Experience

        Core Values.

        Teckell perfectly combines high technology, avant-garde design and renowned Italian craftsmanship.


        The will to always design something innovative, breaking the mold.


        Being one step ahead, experimenting, unsettling, have always been pillars of the research of Gianfranco Barban, founder - together with his family - of the Teckell company. "We are not interested in conventional processing: it is the object that must adapt to the idea and intuition, not the other way around. Development must be continuous, and ideas for improving something often come from very different worlds and thoughts. This is why I am always looking for people and realities with an open mind like mine. I feed on this territory, because it provides me with experience and knowledge at three hundred and sixty degrees ".


        Inspiration is hidden in everything, even in the overwhelming wind that stretches the windsurf sail, on a Sunday morning on Lake Maggiore. In fact, in collaboration with Marc Sadler, designer exhibited at Moma, Teckell has invented a new way of making the traditional T1 Billiard cloth, inspired by the system of windsurfing sails, which have pockets and sewn cutouts in which are inserted some slats to stiffen the canvas. In this way, a special 'pre-packaged' cloth is obtained, just like a sail.


        Teckell's cutting-edge TAKTO Timepieces technology is roaring and snappy dynamism, like a Maserati speeding through the night. The Maserati engine and the mechanism of some TAKTO watches, in fact, are coated with DLC (Diamond Like Coating), a carbon-based paint that significantly reduces friction, thus ensuring high performance and maximum precision.

        TO DARE

        Teckell, on the occasion of Maison & Objet Miami, raised the stakes by creating a special edition of the Counterattack Soccer Table making it 'Underground'.

        An ambitious project in collaboration with VAPS, a young Street artist is part of Teckell's DNA.


        Symbol of purity and innocence, fragility and delicacy, easy prey of time. These same characteristics inspired René Lalique in 1931 when he created the first crystal flower. The ephemeral beauty of the Anemone today becomes absolute and immutable over time, wearing the new Takto clock. Teckell's intuition and engineering experience, combined with the craftsmanship of Lalique glassmakers, create a light, almost fairytale timepiece with a refined design. Each Anemone is an authentic miniature masterpiece, which, like 80 years ago, blossoms from the glass and is hand-finished in every single detail.


        The playing cloths of Teckell billiards are rigorously Simonis® 860, excellence in the production of these excellent worsted wool fabrics in 28 different colors. These special and resistant articles make the surface perfectly smooth and do not allow the formation of small knots that could somehow obstruct the game ball.

        Perfection in color: all that remains is to choose the one that best suits the personality of the environment. And nothing prevents you from changing your mind about color, because they are totally interchangeable, thanks to a 'plug-and-play' mechanism patented by Teckell.