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        Ramadan Fashion, The Saudi Perepective - Exclusive Edition

        The Exclusive Edition of "Ramadan Fashion, The Saudi Perspective" is a true work of art. The set consists of two books, one in English and one in Arabic, both housed in a luxurious velvet and silk-covered wooden box with a green leather lid featuring a striking golden plate with the title of the book inscribed upon it. 

        Inside, both books are rich in stunning photographs and insightful descriptions of the Saudi fashion culture during the holy month of Ramadan. The English version is presented in its hard-cover while the Arabic one is bound with green leather covers and golden details. 

        The two versions are equally beautiful in their diversity, providing a fascinating and immersive look into this unique cultural tradition, through traditional costumes and ultimate fashion collections.

        The Exclusive Edition set is perfect for collectors and anyone interested in the fascinating culture of Saudi Arabia. It is a book set that will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come, and the luxurious box adds to uniqueness.