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        TALA, tradition and innovation 

        Some curiosities:

        Cooking takes place over low heat and is slow and gradual to give the elements inside time to concentrate and flavor with their juices.

        The foods to be cooked are placed in the base of the pot with the addition of an aqueous part that favors the production of steam during cooking thus ensuring a gradual uniformity of cooking.

        For cooking on the hob, it is always necessary to use a flame-spreader mesh supplied for better heat distribution.

        The arrangement of the food to be cooked inside is extremely important: the cooking process inside the Tajine proceeds from the inside to the outside, so the foods that require longer cooking must be placed in the center of the container.

        Material: borosilicate glass 3.3

        Model measurements:

        BIG model for 4/6 people: 230 x 262 mm

        MEDIUM model for 2/3 people: 180 x 193 mm

        SMALL model for 1/2 people: 197 x 163 mm

        We advise you to listen to: Francesco Guccini, Song of everyday life


        - Slow cooking maintains all the nutritional principles of food thanks to the convection of steam;
        - Thanks to the flame-spreader net, the heat is distributed evenly, preventing the food from sticking; therefore the preparation does not need to be stirred during cooking.
        - Use of very little fat thanks to the type of steam cooking.
        - Thanks to the transparency of the glass, an amazing chromatic effect will be obtained after cooking. Tala can be served at the table thus creating a nice convivial moment.
        - Unlike traditional tagines, the glass allows you to see what is happening inside the pot during cooking. This is essential for stable and optimizing cooking times and assessing whether the liquids inside are sufficient or should be added occasionally to humidify the dish.
        - In the upper part of the chimney, the perforated thimble that acts as a vent chimney prevents the pot from going into overpressure. Its concave shape allows it to collect the steam that condenses and let it fall back inside the tagine.
        - Tala, unlike terracotta tagines, does not absorb either fat or any other substance. Therefore it always remains perfectly odorless and tasteless even after several uses.
        - Tala can also be used as a refined design object to furnish your home.

        Quality certificate

        All Blueside Emotional Design objects are strictly made in Italy. For their realization, borosilicate glass 3.3 is used, a high purity glass, since it is lead free. This glass is extremely transparent, offers high resistance to thermal shock and is unassailable by the most common aggressive chemicals, and also maintains its characteristics unaltered over time.


        The Blueside Project originated with Roberto Falocci’s passion and initiative.  Steroglass can boast unique unparalleled skilled hands able to finely process and shape glass and whose great craftmanship guarantees excellence, thus deserving a key role beyond conventional technical sectors. All this combined with love for design, music and cuisine, in 2009 resulted in a diversified production and commercial project dedicated to design complements to dining, living and jewel world, which take inspiration from blues and jazz as well as conveying the emotions that inspire a musician on stage and the audience in an atmospheric performance. Blueside is all this: music shaped into objects you can touch and use, pure emotions close by.

        Today hand glass blowing is an increasingly rare art; indeed it is an art of patience, fire, heat and precision. However, shaping glass is not so easy. Being one of the most perfect and complex materials, glass never betrays those who know and love it. Shaping glass means tradition and requires expertise. Artistry and craftmanship, accurate and technical at the same time, resulted in the Blueside project.  All of the objects in the collection are handcrafted one at a time. Each piece created by the expert hands of our glassblowers becomes unique, resembling others but definitely different from all of them, and this allows us to create shapes that are often impossible to make using molds or machinery, thus consecrating their high added value. Glass in the first place in all its shapes and sizes. Mainly 3.3 borosilicate glass: the purest and most neutral existing glass, most resistant to thermal shocks, contaminant-free… a higher quality product.