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        The special edition is characterised by the special matte black embossed finish of the steel base, the third unmistakable element of the lamp, which houses the visible transformer, exceptionally painted in black colour, too. It is also equipped with a new Led reflector, designed especially, which replaces the original headlight, faithfully respecting its shape. Its light intensity can be adjusted thanks to the integrated dimmer on the cable.Each piece of the Limited Edition is guaranteed by a holographic label that certifies the serial number and therefore its absolute unique nature. Toio Limited Edition Matte Black is an unmissable opportunity for collectors and lovers of the timeless style of the Castiglioni brothers.
        This product was selected thanks to the commercial partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and the Roman store Catalano Ufficio. For over sixty years, Catalano Ufficio has been working with tradition and experience in the interior design sector.

        Toio Limited Edition Matte Black