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        L/R Drivers: 2 × 3’’ (Full Range)
        Woofer: 1 × 6.5’’
        Amplifier: Class D built in (Active)
        Rated power: 100-120W
        Sealed Cabinet Volume: 10,2 l
        Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 20 kHz ±5dB
        High Quality Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

        Wireless: Bluetooth and ‘True Wireless’ dual speaker streaming
        Compatible with Apple AirPlay, Sonos, Amazon Echo and Google Cast
        Upgradable: Can host a 3rd party Wifi, multiroom or voice control module inside.

        Cables: 2 X Audio Cables (long and short), 2 X Power Cables (mains and USB)
        Wall Mount: Brackets and screws included
        White gloves

        Timeless Design

        You can clearly tell we brought passion to every detail in this design. The quality of the materials in each iconic component shines through. Unapologetically stripped back to include only the essential, our wall-mountable speaker is surrounded with glass panels on each side that allow you to view the inner components at work. A statement of timeless, modular electronics that blends into any environment.

        Transparent Audio

        Transparent sound refers to a loudspeakers ability to channel the true intention of a musician through to the listener. We tune our speakers to a true reproduction close to the actual recording from the studio. This is why the transparent speaker is found in the home of musical artists. Set your streaming service to high quality and you will notice the difference!

        Quality sound

        The tightly sealed 10 liter (2,6 Gal) acoustic volume and the custom designed 6 inch woofer helps in creating a very controlled reproduction of sound. We enlist the worlds best audio engineers to tune the digital sound processor (DSP) to reach full transparency. With the Transparent Speaker you will hear a detailed reproduction of complex low-ends of modern music production. With the base and treble dials you can crank up the setting on the high- and low-end to fit your music preference and make everyone get off the couch and start dancing at your home party.

        Forever Upgradable

        Our Transparent Speaker is futureproofed due to its modular design making it simple to upgrade components. Our loudspeakers are designed with upgrades in mind, there is a compartment on the back of the speaker that can hold and power various modules. Such as new voice control protocols or updated wireless technology.