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        Pepa Reverter graduated in engraving from the Llotja School of Applied Arts, followed by a degree in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona, ​​and finally a Masters in video and television at the Polytechnic of Barcelona. His academic preparation ranges from some of the oldest forms of communication to the most modern, a journey linked to the timeless need to make sense of the world through art and stories. He works for Jaume Coscuella and Magí Baleta, engravers of the work of Joan Miró, Jaume Plensa, Xavier Grau and Garcia Sevilla.

        He worked as a visual artist, illustrator, designer, ceramist, professor, photographer, videographer; Pepa Reverter works at TV3, illustrating for the International Herald Tribune, designing ceramic pieces for Bosa, design for BD Barcelona and many other roles in between. He often collaborates with his partner, the creative director of the power plant, Ramón Ubeda, with whom he created his fantastic shared space in the @ 22 district of Barcelona.

        The creativity of Pepa Reverter has a purpose, the purpose is what motivates his explorations with color and form, creating a state of mind, invoking a memory or mixing an emotion.