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        D-Table products, the Interactive Multitouch Design Tables designed by Danilo Cascella, have a Luxury and a Business line. The D-SquareD-Cosmo, and  D-Monster, models belong to the Luxury Collection, while the Business Collection presents the D-Young and  D-Easy, models, added to close the range, the D-Lounge Interactive coffee Table.
        The D-Lounge coffee multitouch table is the model that was missing from the D-Table collection and is produced in one size only. 46cm high, it has a top of 142cm X 78cm which, in addition to hosting touchscreen technology, gives way to a plan of use to be able to rest objects off the screen, such as telephones, drinks or magazines, therefore a real coffee table. The D-Lounge coffee multitouch table model has a 43'' multitouch display. This model supports capacitive multitouch Ultra Fit 40 Touch technology due to its small size and the operating system is Windows 10 pro.

        D-Table, Danilo Cascella's interactive multitouch tables are equipped with the best Ultra Fit capacitive technology. Due to its small size, the D-Lounge is the only table that offers 40 touches of film and still allows you to use the Interactive Coffee Table just like all the digital devices that accompany our lives every day. The glass of a capacitive touch screen display is coated on the internal side by conductive layers which are sensitive to the simple touch of the finger. The alteration is detected and managed by management software. Touchscreen displays with capacitive technology and 40 Touch Film have several advantages.

        The D-Lounge Coffee Table was designed by Designer Danilo Cascella and this model like the others in the D-Table range is characterized by craftsmanship and, of course, by the "Made in Italy" factor. All the interactive multitouch tables are one by one made and assembled by the expert hands of Italian artisans and technology is the fruit of the work of specialized computer engineers. The D-Lounge Coffee Table can also be supplied with personalized content management software that allows you to present and share content with other displays, manage services with images, videos and much more interactively.