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Lorenzo Di Giovanni

Varese, Italy

What was the inspiration from which your creations for Teckell were born?

Stratego was born from the need to enrich the Teckell collections with an alternative object, smaller in size than the rest of the line, therefore more usable and suitable to be inserted in any environment. This, however, remains faithful to the Teckell image and philosophy: the inspiration comes from the materials that have always distinguished our creations - Marble, Crystal and Steel - and which in Stratego blend into a single design object.

What was the biggest challenge in the design?

Making Stratego a multipurpose object, therefore not just a chessboard, but a platform for different board games. And then, dressing it with a minimal aesthetic, hiding the mechanism that characterizes it from view. An essential shape, devoid of elements that interrupt the lines, which allows you to better appreciate the reflections and the plays of light that are created thanks to the combination of the different materials used.

What innovation has resulted?

We have studied a magnetic system for opening the playing surface integrated in the base. This innovation makes it possible to lift the play surface and replace it with simple gestures, without the use of buttons or visible handles that would have dirty the lines of the marble base. Functionality, innovation and a 'less is more' aesthetic have always been Teckell's signature.

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Stratego Scacco Collection - Danilo Cascella Premium Store
Stratego Scacco Collection - Danilo Cascella Premium Store

Stratego Scacco Collection


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