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        Gennaro Esposito - Danilo Cascella Premium Store

        Gennaro Esposito

        Gennaro Esposito is anything but just any character: two-starred chef and star of Italian gastronomy. From the collaboration with Blueside comes a line of objects designed specifically to enhance the typical local products such as oil and wine.

        The biography of Gennaro Esposito could be enclosed in a phrase that for him is a mantra: "In my profession, forgetting one's origins is a mortal sin, a gesture of pride that also precludes the possibility of future discoveries". Now that he is an appreciated two-star Michelin chef and that his restaurant - the Torre del Saracino in Seiano - represents a reference point for Italian cuisine, it is imperative to start again from where it all began. That Esposito opened the Torre del Saracino in 1991 with a very specific goal: to propose a cuisine that respected and enhanced the territory but at the same time was the result of the experiences gained during the travels and internships that have marked his life and profession . Going around the world, to school as first-rate masters, gave Gennaro - admitted in 1999 to the Association of Young Restaurateurs of Europe JRE - the awareness that the kitchen he had imagined was there, within reach. , of thought, of creative capacity, of theoretical and practical direction, of happy realization. Thus some dishes were born that made Gennaro's fortune giving him visibility on the national scene, such as, for example, the mixed pasta soup with rock fish, the flag fish parmigiana or the ricotta di fuscella soup with mullets. In 2001 the first Michelin star arrived, followed by the "Three Forks" of Gambero Rosso in 2003, the year in which Festa a Vico was also born - the gastronomic event that the chef organizes for charity by hosting at "his home" nearly 400 colleagues each edition. In 2008 - however - he was awarded the second Michelin star, demonstrating the fervent and continuous cultural growth of the Torre del Saracino witnessed in 2011 by the title of "Best Italian Chef of the Year" for Identità Golose. Speaking of Guides, the Torre del Saracino has long since become part of "Le Soste" and is also part of "Les Grandes Tables du Monde", which has just celebrated its 65th anniversary, along with 21 other Italian restaurants.Passionate, curious and innovative: Gennaro launched in 2009 a line of products under the "Gennaro Esposito Chef" brand and started prestigious collaborations (much more than just consultancy) with the Mammà restaurant in Capri (which boasts a Michelin star) and the Rosselinis of the Palazzo Avino hotel in Ravello (one Michelin star). Member of the didactic council of the Gastronomic University of Southern Italy, he received the "Chef Mentor 2020" award from Michelin because it is universally recognized as a safe and prolific guide for young chefs. Attentive to every detail inside and outside the kitchen, Gennaro often anticipates the evolutions of his world. Thus, it has already chosen for years to compete in international catering. He inaugurated IT in 2015 in Ibiza. An experience recently replicated with the opening of IT Milano - which obtained its first Michelin star a few months after its inauguration - and IT London. The attempt to export their philosophy (also through the figure of resident chefs who worked in the past at the Torre del Saracino) and their territory by relating these elements with the modern cuisine of the coolest places in Europe has produced excellent results. The inspiring lighthouse of Esposito remains - always and in any case - creativity, combined with seasonality and the care of raw materials. Concepts that he tries to transmit also in the television broadcasts in which he participates: he is currently the protagonist of Cuochi d’Italia, in the past he has also played the role of judge for Masterchef Junior and others.

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