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        Ruben Verheggen and Eva Post are based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. When crafting the artworks, Ruben is responsible for the creative concepts, while Eva carefully brings them to life with her needles and an extreme eye for detail. Their goal is to make people smile and their motto is "Don’t take life too seriously". Their artworks have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, Saint-Tropez and in many other big cities. Daniele Comelli discovered them for us, always looking for the best international artists.



        Daniele Comelli was born in Genoa on November 23, 1985.

        From an early age, he showed interest in art, perhaps because he was born and raised in a house with 120 paintings hanging on the walls and sculptures in every corner, yes because his father Giorgio Comelli was a gallery owner and so was his grandfather.

        “I remember that there were so many works of art at home that I now recognized the great Genoese painters, and not only, their signatures, their technique and with time I no longer needed to take the meter to measure them because I already recognized The dimensions.”

        After completing his studies he started working in the Family Gallery with Father Giorgio, who taught him to treat the paintings, to restore them, to clean them, to experience art in a different way, to love it.

        The Gallery, founded in 1967, deals only with classical art, from De Pisis to Michetti, Scanavino, Silvestro Lega, Gamberini and many other great artists. But Daniele wants to find his identity and over the years, thanks to books but above all thanks to the internet, he approaches pop art and contemporary art, he begins to discover a new style, a new approach to art. Day after day he falls in love with this world, with this diversifying art. He starts with little-known artists, but who convey emotions and meaning to him through their paintings, up to today, where he treats great international brands, and continues his search for the best artists in the world.