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        TurcoHome is the brainchild of Samantha and Salvatore Turco, who, driven by passion and taste for interior design, evolve their furniture store into a studio of professional designers capable of creating dream realities contextualized to the needs.

        Fascinated by Contemporary Art, Salvatore pushes and molds TurcoHome to define art within their projects with the ultimate goal of making unique and exclusive that particular space.

        Over the years, the parents are joined by their sons Patrick and David who increasingly broaden the horizons and ambitions of the company that goes so far as to decide to own their own art collection.

        From the idea of Patrick, art lover and involved in the forefront with his studies and production, with Salvatore they create TurcoArtGallery, a first but decisive selection of works based on their taste and artistic desire that aims to sponsor and support new artists as well as commission works based on their ideas and concepts.

        Although young, TurcoArtGallery is constantly working for the influx of new art that can convey the emotions that allow customers to feel their spaces welcoming and familiar.