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        As bright, fresh and dreamy as the moon dance over the ripples of the lake, Alexandria II enchants with its sublime lavender and rare fruity accords. The characteristic aromatic opening is followed by Brazilian rosewood and cinnamon. Intensely woody, decidedly aromatic and strongly icy aromas evoke intriguing shades of mystery. A rich hint of rose present in the heart of Alexandria II enriches the lavender, deepens the rosewood and gives a
        charm higher than its beauty, complemented by the rising notes of Laos oud. The oud gives a celestial meaning to this woody and aromatic aura and echoes in the excellent amber and vanilla base.

        Oud Stars Collection

        Oud Stars Collection is a line entirely dedicated to the traditions of Arab perfumery. The Oud Stars Collection is created with prestigious pure oud distillates from plantations in Laos, Cambodia and Borneo. The extensive research and limited production of the collection has been developed with the firm intention of creating a special line, faithful to the traditions of Arab perfumery, integrating the luxurious style and creativity of Xerjoff perfumes.

        This collection was selected thanks to the partnership between Danilo Cascella Premium Store and Campomarzio70